Abu Dhabi as the Capital City of UAE

United Arab Emirates is consists of 7 Emirates and Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the country also known as the Capital City. The city mainly focused on its Oil and Gas Industry. There are several landmarks that are really World Class and on the top of traveler’s bucket list.

2021 Landmarks in Abu Dhabi to visit:

1. Presidential Palace “Qasr Al Watan”

Aside from being the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi also is the home for the President of United Arab Emirates – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Sultan Al Nahyan and his home is the famous Presidential Palace called “Qasr Al Watan” which is made of white granite and limestones materials.

At the year of 2019 the palace was been opened for the public to visit as one of the main attractions in the Emirate. It was used for official purposes before opening and now more thousands of travelers are entering the palace daily.

2. Qasr Al Hosn

Today’s time, Abu Dhabi is a fully developed city with left and right high class buildings and as the technology evolves, the city’s innovation is growing every year.

There is one place in Abu Dhabi that was being preserved to symbolize the culture and heritage of the city, it is known as Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the oldest stone building lies in the center of the city.

Inside the fort is featuring the traditional craft industry of the locals with the use of the natural resources

  1. Al Sadu, is a traditional practice of weaving by the Bedouin women of the country with the use of wools from sheep, camels and goats itself, Weavers create a beautiful patterns that is being used to decorate the interior of a tent or Bait Al Shaar.
  2. Khoos, is a form of weaving using a date palm branches and leaves to produce an object like food mats, hand fans, covers for food and a basket
  1. Talli, is a practice of embroidery by women to decorate collars and sleeves of the traditional kandoora and thawb using a decorative designs and lively variation of colours.
  2. Sea Craft, people used crafts to create fishing nets and traps to be used for fishing in the Arabian Gulf sea and the Indian Ocean  to improve the fishing process of fishermen while onboard.

3. Emirates National Auto Museum

One of the newest attractions in Abu Dhabi is the Emirates National Auto Museum. This museum is perfect for car lovers. It is intended to attract people who love to collect cars.

Inside the museum is a collection of vintage and modified cars from a simple bike to military vehicles and trucks, everything is here.

4. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Falcon is the UAE’s national bird that symbolizes nation’s strength and heritage. Since then, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital was built and it is the first ever public medical facility that is intended to accommodate exclusively falcons in the country.

This is used to protect the Falcons from any form of danger and situations and to promote the importance of animal welfare and responsibilities of people with the Falcons. The hospital is now open for the public and travelers to inherit learnings that could help people to take care of Falcons and other types of Birds in the surroundings and the environment.