A season of global innovation at Dubai EXPO 2020

Happening on 1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022 for a duration of 6 months. Dubai EXPO 2020 will be the main World Expo at any point facilitated in the Middle East. The main goal is to have a World Expo that moves individuals by displaying the best instances of coordinated effort, development and collaboration from around the world.

In effect of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the exhibition was being delayed for 1 year to restrict the worldwide spread of the disease. And now no one can ever stop the said event and will continue to deliver the best innovations to the world.

With over 200 participants from different countries, organizations, community, and private businesses including educational & government sector, all will be contributing for the creation of the future.

3 District empowers the DUBAI EXPO site

Sustainability District

Sustainability District is composed to introduce the world’s most advanced technology to provide convenient way of living for the people by using high-technology assets that is ecofriendly and helps the environment saved from destructions.

Mobility District

Mobility District is intended to build future connections to drive the world. Offering future vehicles that will give convenient way of transportation. Discover the latest development in the space exploration for the preparation of the future living and exploring the fastest mobility track to ease the travel of people through underground or open space.

Opportunity District

Opportunity District offered a wide ideas to collaborate with innovators and change makers to discover and create something new that will surely give impact to people’s living in the near future by developing skill building assets that will inspire the world to change for a better situation.

Experiences to Dubai EXPO

Arts & Culture Entertainment

Dubai Expo 2020 also opening it’s venue to celebrate Arts & Culture around the world by highlighting every countries special occasions and cultural practices. From major festivals up to world class entertainment performances to enjoy including Light Shows, National Days, Street Music, Comedy Shows, Fireworks, Global Theater and more. Showcasing more than 60 live events per day, Dubai EXPO 2020 venue will be lively and entertaining to explore.

Future of Food

A time for everyone to enjoy the world’s ingredients from more than 50 country cuisines consist of American / Greek / Argentinian / Indian / Australasian Fusion / Italian / Brazilian / Japanese / British / Lebanese / Caribbean / Levant Fusion / Chinese / Mexican / Emirati / Peruvian / Euro-Fusion / Spanish / French / Thai plus an exciting never before seen dining concepts in Dubai

Dubai EXPO visit with City Tour

This is season is the perfect time not only to discover the future but also to discover the beauty and madness of what Dubai and the UAE Destination has to offer. Enjoy multi day tours with our Dubai EXPO Tours & Dubai EXPO Packages including daytrip city tours within the city, exploring the famous landmarks that Dubai has to offer, from the heritage culture up to the modern class architectural designs that only Dubai was able to rise. This is the chance not to miss during the Dubai EXPO 2020 Exhibition.