Top Destinations to visit in Oman

Oman is fast growing as the top visited tourism destination in the Middle East. 2.4 million tourists visit Oman every year. This beautiful country has a lot for every visitor to enjoy, experience and cherish. There is a large number is popular tourist destinations in Oman. Beaches, mountains, greenery, sands and lot more await travelers in Oman. Below listed are some of the top travel destinations in Oman.

1. Muscat

Muscat city is home to forts, royal residences, museums, and markets, offering something for everybody. Go to the harbor to get a nearby view of Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace which is an astounding architectural wonder. Standing guard over the royal residence are the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, which have been changed over to galleries and are available to people in general. The amazing Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque highlights huge crystal chandelier, marble wall panels and the second biggest Persian carpet on the planet. Please find out more about Tours to this beautiful area.

2. Nizwa

In the sixth and seventh centuries, the city of Nizwa served as the capital for Oman. Today, the city is best known for its incredible fort, which was built in the 17th century under the direction of Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’ribi. However, some parts of the fort date all the way back to the ninth century. The highlight of the Nizwa fort is the enormous cylindrical tower. The fort also has some interesting defense mechanisms, including honey traps and unusually shaped windows for shooting approaching enemies. The fort is also a museum, showcasing 17th-century life in Oman. While you’re in Nizwa, you can also check out the souk, or outdoor market, as well as the unusual goat market, held two days each week in the city center. 

3. The Wahiba Sands

In the center of Oman, desert dunes stretch for miles and create what is called the Wahiba Sands. This is where the Bedu people live, and it is a popular travel destination for those in search of the true, authentic and traditional Oman. Experience the nomadic way of life in the Wahiba Sands by joining a tour that lets you ride on the back of a camel and camp in the desert under the stars. The city of Ibra serves as the major gateway to the Wahiba Sands, and this is where many guided tours begin.

4. Musandam Fjords

The Musandam Peninsula is the northernmost portion of Oman, and it is separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Parts of this region are very isolated, and they have long served as the home to residents in mountain villages and coastal communities. The Musandam Fjords stretch north and offer spectacular views. If you visit the Musandam Fjords, the highlights can include things like boat trips to explore the coasts and peaks rising up from the water, spotting dolphins from a Dhow, or traditional Omani boat, and scuba diving out at sea. The population is sparse and wildlife in abundance, making this region one of the best places to visit in Oman for nature lovers.

5. Jebel Akhdar

Jebel Akhdar can be translated to Green Mountain, and it is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains. Don’t expect a traditional mountaintop, and don’t let the green misnomer fool you. The Jebel Akhdar region is a primary limestone and contains the highest point in the entire country of Oman. While not covered in lush forests, the elevation makes for cooler temperatures and more agricultural growth than in the desert below. The area is now protected, and you can hike through beautiful terraces and even spot trees laden with fruit. Hiking might not seem like an appealing activity in the deserts of Oman, but it is the perfect pastime in Jebel Akhdar. Why not enjoy Al Ain Full Day Tour with Lunch.