What makes UAE the favorite destination for travelers?

UAE has been the favorite travel destination in the Middle East, in the past decade  for people around the globe. Statistics represent that UAE, especially Dubai accounted for the lion’s share of tourists flowing to various Arabic destinations during the recent years. Family tourism has witnessed considerable growth, supported by wide range of tourist attractions in Dubai, including leisure and top of the line services, high-quality and a wide diversity of tourist facilities that suit different segments of visitors and meet the requirements of all age groups.

The bulk of foreign tourists descending on Dubai during the off season were from Gulf countries, mainly due to the geographical proximity and facilities offered by the UAE to visitors via land, sea and air. The number of visitors from the rest of the world has increased significantly with Dubai’s growing competitiveness in the tourism sector in light of the ambitious vision of the emirate to further enhance contributions of the  tourism sector to its domestic economy.

Let us see in brief, what factors contribute to make UAE as the favorite travel destination in Middle East!

1. Scenic attraction

Dubai is abundantly blessed with natural scenic beauty. Bluish beaches, white-sand filled shores, sky-high mountains, wonderful deserts etc… Nature has preserved enough for the travelers in UAE. Spend your time sunbathing at Jumeirah beach, enjoy an overnight BBQ at a calm desert, or be on top of Jabal Jais mountains at  in RAK

2. Man made wonders

UAE has a lot of man-made wonders to soar the spirits of every traveler in UAE. Burj Khalifa – the tallest man made structure in the world, Burj Al Arab – the utmost luxurious 7star hotel in UAE, The Palm Islands – man made islands in the sea, Dubai Marina – the largest man-made marina in the world, infinity Tower – worlds first 90 degree twisted tower, Dubai Mall – The largest shopping mall in the world etc… are just some of the man made wonders in UAE.

3. Adventure Opportunities

UAE has numberless adventurous activities for travelers. Seaplanes, helicopter rides, balloon flights, desert safari, dune bashing, hiking, skydiving, quad racing, dirt biking, BMXing, blokarting, horse riding etc… are just few of the adventurous activities waiting every tourist in UAE. Adventure loving travelers always find UAE as the right holiday destination.

4. Shopping opportunities

UAE is a great shopping destination. From high value brands to imitation products, from indigenous products to international products, anything and everything is available in UAE. DSF, the prestigious shopping festival held in every winter is the most popular shopping festival in the world. travelers can choose a shopping tour in Dubai which serves the purposes of shopping and Dubai sightseeing.

5. Safety and easy access

UAE is one of the safest countries for travelers. Crime rates are so low and the authorities have applied every safety measures to make sure the stay of each person in UAE is trouble free and jovial. Transportation facilities are abundant and comparably affordable to ease the sightseeing trips more comfortable. All the tourist destinations are well connected with public transport facilities.