Did You Know This About Dubai?

It is really hard to believe that Dubai was once just a sleepy fishing village. Over the past few decades, the city of Dubai has changed into the status of one among the largest cities in the world. Besides the economic growth and infrastructural development, Dubai is also turned into one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Millions of people travel to Dubai, every year, to explore this beautiful piece of land and explore the wondrous surprises,  both natural and manmade, in this land. There are many interesting facts most people are unaware about Dubai.

The Name

Though most of us have heard the name Dubai, many of us are unknown of the meaning of the name Dubai. The name Dubai has been originated from the word ‘Daba’,  literally meaning a horde of locusts.

The Population

Dubai has a unique feature when the population statistics are concerned. UAE nationals, called Emiratis, make up only 10-15 percent of the Dubai population. The other 85 percent of residents are expatriates. 51% of the population is Indians. Pakistanis add 16% to the population. Bangladeshis are 9% and Filipinos make 3% of the total population of Dubai. 

The Safest City on Earth

Dubai is considered to be the safest city on earth as the crime rate in Dubai is so low. Virtually the crime rate is 0% across Dubai.

Tax-less Earning

The Government of Dubai collects no tax from citizens or expat workers. All the earning is tax free. Tax-less income means higher saving for all the residents.

Most number of cranes

The tallest building in the world is in Dubai. Many of the world’s largest and biggest buildings and hotels are in Dubai. Construction industry is growing day by day; thus the infrastructure and skyscrapers. It is a fact that 20% of the total number of cranes are in Dubai. Just look around in Dubai, you will see cranes everywhere.

Fast growing city  

Dubai is the fastest growing city the world. It is amazing to know that there were only 13 cars in UAE in 1968, but today roads are overcrowded with cars.