Dubai is a cosmopolitan city

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a widely diverse population of people from many different backgrounds.
Dubai city has a vibrant night life, a plethora of restaurants that feature cuisines from different parts of the world, art exhibits from aspiring local artists as well as reputable international artists as well as many entertainment options including concerts and fashion shows.
Once you are settled and familiar with getting around inside Dubai, you may wish to explore the other Emirates that lie within 2-3 hours from Dubai, or more depending on your chosen mode of travel Air, Road & Driving.

You probably arrived in Dubai via Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest, biggest and most traveller-friendly hubs not just in the Middle East, but also in the whole world.

In order to drive within the UAE, you require a valid driving license. New arrivals or tourists should have an International Driver’s License, obtained in your own country prior to leaving, although in the short term, a valid license from a number of countries will satisfy the rental companies.

Apart from the other six Emirates, which, along with Dubai, comprise the United Arab Emirates, what destinations are readily available by road travel? The neighbouring Sultanate of Oman is the most obvious choice while the rest of the UAE’s land borders are shared with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For most North American and European passport holders, Oman is easy to get into; Saudi Arabia less so. A trip into the Sultanate of Oman does not require pre-arranged visas – just a valid passport at any of the UAE border crossing points, about 30 minutes of your time and a fee of 20 Omani Rials will do it for most people; however, it pays to check which countries Oman has a reciprocal passport agreement with.