Dubai: The hub of adventure tourism

Dubai is the right destination if you are an adventure lover as Dubai offers a lot of unique adventure experiences that will thrill the adventure lovers, for sure. To help inspire your wild side, we’ve rounded up Dubai’s most popular adventures.

1.       Outdoor skydiving

Hurl yourself out of a plane at 13,000ft for a spectacular aerial view of the Palm Jumeirah. This adventure will test your guts. Skydiving is one of the most sought-after adventure activity in Dubai.

2.       Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning gives you the chance of watching the beauty of deserts from above on a hot air balloon. It is an adventure every adventure traveler in Dubai must take part in. 

3.       Parasailing

Launch into the air by parachute from a boat and get pulled along while attached with a rope. This adventure will thrill your nerves and will give you a memorable experience. 

4.       Hop in a seaplane

Seaplane adventures are another popular adventure in Dubai. These mini planes take off from water and will offer you an opportunity of flying above Dubai to give you spectacular look of this wonder land.

5.       Kiteboarding

A mix of surfing, wakeboarding and kiting, the wind propels you over the water on a board. It is faster, it is thrilling and it is adventurous.

6.       Waterskiing

It’s exciting stuff when you’re being dragged along by a speedboat with skis attached to your feet. Barefoot water skiing is even more exciting.

7.       Freediving

Possibly the most serene extreme sport is free diving. Dubai offers free diving adventure for adventure lovers. Be prepared to experience the world’s most thrilling adventure activity.

8.       Paddleboarding

Dubai’s calm waters are perfect for this sport. Paddle-surfing is a derivative of paddle-boarding.

9.       Speedboating

Whizz around the Palm Jumeirah on a speedboat. It’s the most fun you’ll have had in a long time. Speed boating is affordable and thrilling.

10.   Scuba diving

Dive with whale sharks in Musandam, then enjoy and explore the underwater fun.

11.   Quad biking

Four-wheel desert biking is addictive and thrilling. The desert in Dubai is a perfect destination for this sport. Without a Quad biking, your tour to Dubai will be incomplete.

12.   Dune-bashing

You’ll drive deep into the desert on a 4×4 vehicle. Once in the desert, your driver will go full throttle and you’ll fly over the dunes, coast down hills at 45-degree angles and possibly experience the most nail-biting journey of your life.