Exploring the superb natural beauty of Salalah

Salalah is a hidden gem in Oman. It is the 3rd largest city of the country and known for its unique green nature and natural waters from the mountains. Salalah attracts travelers around the world for its peacefully scenery and relaxing view of the City.

Salalah is an Archaeological and historical landmark, and it has much to offer:

1. Discovering Al Mughsayl Beach

Al Mughsail sea shore can be found in Salalah in southern Oman. It shows an awesome sands, and completely clear waters and what adds to the sea shore’s magnificence is the blow openings sitting above Marneef cavern from the stones which adding as Mughsayl Natural Fountains beauty and the green mountain that encompasses it.

 2. Visiting the Sumhuram & Khor Rori

Khor Rori or Sumhuram is a famous archeological site situated in Salalah. It is a braced town that traces all the way back to the Hadramawt realm.

KhorRori stream, the site of the antiquated destroyed city of Sumhuram, the truly prosperous capital of old Arabia’s Frankincense exchange, to proceed with the beautiful street to Mirbat, a beguiling common town where you will have the option to take in the old conventional places of the area.

 3. Mountain Safari in Dhofar Ranges

Offering a great way to experience the mountain ranges in Salalah, Dhofar Mountains is widely known for its beautiful rock formations. Starting from the village of Taqah in the coastline area, travelers can drive through the Wadi Darbat along the Wadi Bed that are surrounded with Camels and other mammals then drive through the beauty of the Jebali villages and landscape of the Qara Plateau to discover the rest of the mountains.

4. Rub Al Khali by 4×4 Desert Safari

The famous desert in Salalah City is the Rub Al Khali and known in the world as the “Empty Quarter” covering the most of the southern area of the Arabian Peninsula including parts of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates.

Travelers can admire in awe the wondrous desert of Rub al Khali which stretches from the

Foot hills of the mountains to an enormous plain of dancing golden sand. This journey can be reach by a 4×4 Jeep vehicle that can be enjoyable with a private driver and lunch with soft drinks.