Dubai: Best Location for A Covid-Safe Destination Wedding in Pandemic

Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

Wedding cost statistics reveal that the wedding services market size is worth $55 billion and such a large market share has been severely affected by the pandemic and indirectly it has contributed to a huge loss in the economy as well. The wedding report estimated that the industry will lose $47 billion combined in sales in this year and the previous year.

Though couples are celebrating love in the pandemic as well, the affair comes with huge restrictions, and these days the genre of the wedding has shifted from large congregations to the social distancing measures with safety procedures followed in the event.

The main motto of families these days is to have a dreamy affair in a safe and composed environment with all the preventive measures in place and due to this expert in the industry have compiled a list of the top twenty-one safe destination wedding venues, in which the most luxurious and magical city of the world, Dubai stands at the first position.

Situated on the Persian Gulf coast, the emirate boasts ecstatic views offering a skyscraper-filled skyline, ultra-modern architecture, and lovely nightlife. The world-class architecture of Dubai comprises magnificent tailor destinations which are the topmost choice of couples for a destination wedding. After the restrictions were lifted, Dubai wedding industries prepared for the post-pandemic resonance.

A slow but healthy resurgence has made it the most favored destination wedding venue among the wedding charts. The lockdown has helped couples expand their savings which converted to the expenditure for their big days. It means a more lavish affair.

The bright beaches, lavish ballrooms, desert setups offer endless options to the couples to make the most awaited day worth remembering. The hotels of Dubai offer a worry-free and safe environment while adhering to the legislative and safety procedures.

Some of the safeguards followed by the hotels are:

  • People per table have been reduced to half the size.
  • Sanitizers and masks are the highest priority.
  • Temperature checks at the entrance points.
  • Sterilization of the venue pre and post-wedding.
  • Safe distance maintained on the buffets or while performing photography or videography.
  • No one is allowed on the stage except the bride and groom.
  • Dance floors banned.
  • Physical distancing measures followed by the performers.

The prime locations offer safe, smooth, and still lavishing and beautifully executed wedding events. The extravagance and glamour which the emirate presents cannot be found anywhere else. The sumptuous details in every architecture amidst the pleasant environment make it a charming vision and treat to the eyes.

A comprehensive list of the top 10 wedding venues boasted by Dubai is formulated to help you plan your D-day wisely:

1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Fantasy metamorphoses into reality at the most iconic hotel of Dubai, Jumeirah is the dreamy choice for an intimate wedding which is a new normal these days.

It speaks for a plethora of exceptional setups such as Falak ballroom, Marina Garden, Palm garden, and whatnot. Encounter luxury at its best at this enchanting vision of emirate.

Photo by Sascha Bosshard on Unsplash

2. JW Marriott Marquis

A grandeur of luxury, Marriott offers an alfresco wedding reception adorned with a dreamy setup. They promise to make your special day a huge success.

A wedding in this setup will be a treasured memory for every guest attending the affair which makes it the most ideal wedding venue in the emirate.

3. Atlantis The Palm

Accredited for post-pandemic hotel safety standards by Michelin guide, Atlantis the Palm has stood out by making it to one of the top 30 hotels across the world to earn a health security certification by meeting more than 360 global health security standards.

An AI chatbot is employed which monitors the safety standards around the palm. With a promise to make every guest safe, Atlantis boasts of a wedding that is not less than a festival packed with Bollywood glamour.

4. Al Maha Desert Resort

Tying the knot amidst the dunes and desert sunset is a magnificent experience offered by Al Maha to the couples booking the resort for their special day. The impeccable hospitality services offered by the venue make it to the top charts of destination wedding venues in Dubai.

Enjoy the intimate affair at this unforgettable location with desert adventures and bespoke luxury.

Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash

5. Emirates Palace

Who doesn’t want their wedding day to be a royal affair? A magical ballroom ornate adorned with marble and gold, large-sized well-manicured garden, on-site floral store for choosing from a wide variety of options attracts the attention of a wedding pair in every possible manner.

There is not a single detail that can be ignored, everything in the palace is delicately and thoughtfully executed. There can’t be another royal setup more intrinsically detailed than the Emirates Palace.

6. Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Plans for a beach wedding take the couple to the most surreal location in the emirate. The most favored destination for a cozy intimate wedding by the couples makes them choose Nikki Beach Resort.

Exchanging vows in a venue with a backdrop of crystal-clear water is none other than a dream come true for anyone who is looking to celebrate love. A white or a traditional wedding is the perfect choice for the setup offered by the location.

7. Cavalli Club Restaurant & Lounge

A couple who loves the sparkle and glitters should make Cavalli their venue for the D-day. The property boasts lively dining sections, magical chandeliers, Italian contemporary cuisines, extravagant wine, and cocktail sections to make the wedding reception worth remembering. While planning to get only a handful of guests to your destination wedding, Cavalli should be your perfect pick.

8. Palace Downtown

Set amidst enchanting views of Burj Al Khalifa and the world’s largest Dubai fountain, Palace Downtown is the charming beauty that offers exhilarating views to its guests. Make your special day not only worth remembering for yourself but also for every individual attending it. The classic themes and Arabian traditions make it the heart and soul of Dubai’s wedding industry.

9. Mala Yachts

An easy-breezy wedding affair surrounded by crystal clear water is the most preferred set up by couples planning for their dreamy day for a long time. While covid has overpowered its hold in compact locations, an intimate wedding far away from the city lights and bunch of crowds is offered by Mala yachts where you can take your other half or few closed ones for making your day special safely and securely.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

10. One and Only Royal Mirage

Situated in the vicinity of the Arabian Sea, the luxurious beauty owns 65 acres of well-manicured lush green gardens. The theme restaurant, open-air wedding receptions makes it a perfect venue for the couple looking for a dreamy affair.

The enchanted and surreal beauty of natural surroundings offers endless photo capturing techniques amidst dramatic arabesque architecture.

The challenge of a pandemic is still unknown. We are reeling under the harsh consequences posed by it for two years. Though it is an accepted fact that life doesn’t stop for anybody, it moves on. So, are the weddings. The challenge of planning a wedding in a pandemic is huge and a strict level of procedures need to be followed whether celebrating in your own country or another part of the world.

The downsizing of guests list, a three-day affair replaced with a single day affair, least proximity with the other members is the major guidelines to be followed by a wedding party. As destination weddings are grand affairs, they come with large manpower as well which makes it mandatory for everyone to follow the guidelines issued by the authorities.


While grand weddings are most preferred by the families of couples, intimate weddings are the most special ones for the party looking for exchanging vows and spending a life together. It gives more intimacy to the partners. The smaller guest lists also downsize the stress level of the family members and what they have to focus on, are only their looks and their children.

A Dubai based event organizer told in an interview that with the changing realms of the wedding affair in the pandemic, a small circle of love is created which is the most amazing part of an intimate wedding and technology is also coming very handy these days by linking with family members at home from the wedding venues with the help of a camera.

Another organizer told the importance of wedding apps in these trying situations, where the need to visit places in person has been minimized or neglected, one can book everything from the venue to the main highlights just by downloading an application on their phones. Couples are also in love with the new procedures due to the extra time they are getting to spend with each other.

While we don’t know when these restrictions are in place due to the uncertain nature of the virus, we should relish intimate wedding affairs by spending the maximum amount of time with our loved ones and make our special day ideal and flawless.